Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Amazing Finds At The Lekki Arts and Crafts Market

Supposed rainy season yet sunny day, clear skies; a perfect day to visit the Arts and Craft market and typically indulge in any outdoor activity. The Drama In true Lagos style, of course our taxify driver happened to be clueless on how to even start the trip ( As explained, he barely started driving the previous day and terrible at directions too). I literally started the trip for him lol. Plus google maps got brain damage because we got some misdirections quite a few times. If only I had a penny for every time google maps messed up; reason why...

Exploring The Lekki Conservation Center

So this is actually an updated post from the original Lekki Conservation Center post because I sort of lost the original post when I got a domain name. Talk of DIY'ing everything smh. Don't you just hate when you try to upgrade and the options available don't seem to fit? Or make you loose vital stuff...Urrghh!!  I felt like I should update the post because I kept getting a lot of questions from friends about the center and what they should expect to see when they get there; plus charges. I figured it will be nice to have it on...

Bucket List || Half Way Into The Year

Six months into the year and some might say it’s a little on the late side to have a bucket list. Make that being in the seventh month and it seems like it was just yesterday the year begun. Is it really far fetched  to  have a lot to catch up on and be in the loop in before another year begins? Travel has got to  be on the top of this list seeing as I've always been a walk about. There is no better feeling than the  intrigue that comes with visiting and experiencing other cultures. Improving my knowledge...

Diary Of A Wig Maker|| How It All Started

Diary Of A Wig Maker|| How It All Started

This  wig making journey goes right back to about 5 years ago and it started with a dream to travel for studies. That year I could be found corn rows on almost everyone with hair long enough for me to practice with. Ma Es (what I call my mom - comes from her name Esther ) gifts me a mannequin with hair so long it touches its legs. This was meant to help me practice my cornrows and braids with the help of my sister in- law who happened to know some styling. A few months in and I’m exhausted;...

DIY Braid Crown

DIY Braid Crown

Styling my natural hair to go out is always a struggle for me so this DIY braid crown is literally a life saver. I am the most lazy and confused person when it comes to my hair. So it's a no brainer that I'm down for anything to make my life easier hence this easy DIY braid crown. Many other naturalistas can testify to the struggle that comes with being natural. After my friends saw me with this particular hairdo, they kept asking how I achieved it, Torera was actually my inspiration to try this out. This tutorial right here...

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