DIY Gladiator Sandals From Flip Flops

    I love the versatility of having a pair of slides; One minute I’m wearing it like what it actually is and the next I’m rocking it as a cool pair of gladiator sandals. I’m going to be sharing with you guys how to make gladiator sandals using flip flops. It’s super easy anyone can pull it off. What you will need A pair of flip flops A long scarf *shout out to silhouettes appearing in pictures..smh* What To Do First of all you need to make sure your scarf is long enough to go the length of the flip flops and then some to tie it. Divide your scarf into…

  • DIY turmeric facial mask
    Beauty,  DIY

    A User friendly DIY Turmeric Facial Mask

    I looked across the room and saw her, stunning without any make up on, just a lip balm. She stared into her pocket mirror and picked at pimples on her face. I smiled and said ”Hi Seyi, do you use anything for your face?” ”No I don’t. I can’t find any chemical induced product I trust and the natural ones I rather prefer I still can’t find them around” she says “What can’t you find” I ask ”Avocado” she replied. At the time I found it funny and even laughed a little but looking back to that moment, I realize many people face similar situations; whereby they want to improve…