DIY Afro Ponytail

Ever being in a rush to go out and wondered what kind of hairstyle you can achieve in less than 10 minutes and still look great?

Here you go! The good thing about this DIY afro ponytail is you can keep re-rocking it and style it in different ways.

DIY Ponytail

In addition to that, you can make it to your preference- how full you like it.

What You Will Need
  • Afro Crochet
  • An Elastic band

Elastic band used for Ponytail Crochet used for ponytail

What To Do

– Attach your elastic band to two points so you can work on doing the crochet effectively.

* I have a video illustrating this on my IG*

Alternatively if you can get someone to hold it for you, then that works too.

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– Using your crochet attachment, crochet your way round the elastic band to your desired taste.

DIY PonytailDIY Ponytail

– Lay down your hair how you like; I always love doing a center part because of my strong forehead game lol. Then I do a bun at the back.

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– Wrap your DIY Afro ponytail around your bun using the elastic band.

In my case I didn’t want my ponytail too full, but you can go ahead and add yours up if you like.

Oben Nyne rocking her DIY Ponytail

And viola!

Your ponytail can be rocked in many ways than one. Feel free to freestyle it as much as you want.

Another style variation is you can wrap up the ponytail into a bun – will look great as well.

DIY Ponytail

*For the very first picture, I used some extra crochet alongside some Bobby pins and just secured the hair on the left side of my head*

Hope this was pretty much easy to understand

Thanks for reading loves, until next time


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