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Do Dark Skinned Women Need Sunscreen? Why Wear Sunscreen

Yes I am guilty as well for thinking being dark skin doesn’t require SPF at one time or another and so are many others.

The truth of the matter is; it’s not about your skin color because sincerely everyone needs to stay protected.

My first experience with sunscreen was last year – a Chinese unbranded one. The first application left me looking unrecognizably ashy. Needless to explain why that was the last time I tried it.

Why wear SPF

What Exactly Is Being Protected

Basically what we are protecting is our skin from the sun’s ultra violet ( UV) radiation which damages our skin . This causes sunburn and to greater extents wrinkles, sagging of the skin and skin cancer.

Myth 1 -:

Africans don’t get skin cancer that much, it’s mostly  European countries.

Yes – We do get cancer, a factor here is the poverty level which barricades us from actually carrying out all the necessary tests to detect it.

Imagine not having basic necessities, would you have the finances to get medical help and even diagnosed with cancer?! I think not. Most a times, little illnesses aren’t looked upon with a second glance. Panadol seems to be the general cure.

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Why wear SPF

What is SPF and how does it work?

SPF – Sun Protector Factor measures the suns ability to block UV radiation from damaging the skin.

Take for example you use SPF 15; let’s assume it takes 20 minutes for your skin to get sunburnt, this SPF number prevents that from happening by 15 times longer . This is approximately 5 hours. And it works same for higher SPF.

– After my Chinese experience I did my research and right now, I use the L’Avyanna SPF 50 because Lagos sun isn’t playing at all.

That said? Please do your research before getting any of these products. No need wasting money on unusable stuff

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P.S. No sunscreen can block all UV rays, they can only keep out a considerable percentage of it from getting to our skin.

Why wear SPF

– The only issue with sunscreen is that it regardless of its strength, it theoretically should not be expected to last more than 2 hours. This means reapplication after this.

I’m not even going to lie, I’m guilty of not doing this: I mean ‘are we living in the same part of the world?’ Please I can’t be sweating like Christmas goat lol.

To make myself feel less guilty for not reapplying: I try as much as possible to stay away from the sun. And this has worked so far.

Myth 2

– If it isn’t sunny, you don’t need sunscreen.

This isn’t true at all because about 40% of the suns UV rays reaches the earth on a completely cloudy day. Hence most sunburns are gotten from this misconception.

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Why wear sunscreen

Come sunny or cloudy day, I’ve learnt to put on SPF without reserve.

Some beauty products have a small amount of SPF embedded in them and we might be tempted to think that is enough – another misperception. We still need to wear sunscreen beneath our foundation and all that.

What you can do is let it sit for about 10 minutes after its application before going ahead to apply your foundation.

Thanks for reading loves, until next time


What is your relationship with sunscreen?Do you use it or like me did you think we dark skinned girls don’t need it? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below


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