Get To Know Me || 25 Random Facts About Me

A Get To Know Me post has been sitting on my mind for a while now and I felt like it’s about time I put it out. It doesn’t hurt to know someone a little better you know.

1. So as you all might already know I am a Cameroonian currently based in Lagos, Nigeria. I think it’s only befitting I start with this.

2. I get scared so easily hence I can’t stand someone creeping up on me.

3. I’m a birdie when it comes to eating; I eat little quantities of food in small intervals. I consider myself a food lover but for some reason people always think that isn’t true for the simple reason I can’t eat large quantities at a go.

Get to know me - Oben Nyne

4. I worry a lot, especially over things I shouldn’t even be worried about.

5. I talk to myself all the time. If I’m quiet and with someone/people, you can bet that’s what I’m doing in my head.

6. I can eat junk all day and be ok with it, as long as I have lots of water to drink.

P.S :I started limiting my intake of sweetened drinks ( and stopped taking carbonated drinks) a while back.

7. I can get really awkward when I meet someone for the first time. Never figured out how to start a conversation.

8. I have been told I have a provocative laughter.

Get to know me - Oben Nyne

9. I’m currently a Chartered Accounting student and sincerely I can’t wait to get it over and done with.

10. I get all drooled up when I see girls with super flat abs. I’ll be walking around wearing just crop tops if I were them 😆. The idea of it is great, it’s putting in the work I have issues with lol.

Spoiler: Not all slim girls have flat abs

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11. I get grumpy when I’m super hungry.

12. I can’t swim. If you’ve been around here for a while and follow me on IG, you probably already know this and my embarrassing moments along with it.

Get to know me - Oben Nyne

13. I’m very sensitive about my butt cheeks hence I won’t be found wearing just bikini pants at the beach.

14. I have never used a phone and gotten rid of it intentionally (except this one lucky time). All my phones usually have a story behind them changing hands. Last one was harassment.

15. My birth given names are Besong Ayim Takow Obenasang – sentence long right? Truth is 99% of the people I attended 7 years of secondary school with can probably only remember Besong – they all call me by my nick name Bizu

16. I love love ice cream but due to my systems limited tolerance to sugar, I am forced to curb my thirst for sweetened foods.

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17. I’m on the big hair don’t care band and recently started my natural hair wig business naturallywigged on IG. How I got into wig making will be shared in another post.

Get to know me- Oben Nyne

18. White is my favorite color, next to blue.

19. I’m a very jovial person and my sarcasm stems from here.

20. I’m such a sucker for hand written notes; no better feeling compared to reading penned down letters. There is a certain personal feeling it gives.

 Get to know me - Oben Nyne

22. I love eating myself out of stressful situations.

23. I’m a fast talker, and when I get nervous or angry it gets super fast and I can barely finish a word. I literally run it through.

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24. One attribute I consider might put me in trouble one day is my daring nature.

Get to know me - Oben Nyne

25. I always fantasize about dance moves in my head when a song comes up. They just don’t materialize into how I envisioned them when I actually try to dance.

So guys hopefully from this you get to know me a little bit more. Do we share one/ two attributes?

Will love to read some facts about you too so please share in the comment section below.

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