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This year one of my decisions  was to indulge in more books and I’m super excited I’ve been able to read more than I thought I could. So far this has got to be my best reading record in a month yet.

One thing I discovered through the process was my preference to Audio books. I fell in love with listening to the narrators and this gave me more ground to imagine the characters as they were being described. Or maybe it’s because I could be able to work on other pages while listening lol. It’s a win win regardless.

So I’m just going to dive right into it and I’m starting off with a favorite author of mine.

  • On The Come Up – Angie Thomas

Books on my Reading list - On the Come Up

Angie Thomas’ On the Come up tells of a sixteen year old daughter of an underground rap legend who didn’t live long enough to make it big. She has aspirations of a great rapper and make it out of their gangster neighborhood. Seeing as she has big shoes to fill – everyone knows her by her dads reputation, she struggles with being relevant. Homelessness and hunger knock at their door as well as her mom loses her job and her older brothers job isn’t bringing in enough cash to sustain the family.

This book is Angie Thomas second novel, the first being The ‘Hate You Give’ which later became a movie adaptation.

Her books have a way of grabbing you and making you wonder what’s next. At some points I felt like Bri (lead character)was going to end up making some major mistake but I was gladly disappointed. It was an interesting read filled with sass and humor.

  • American Panda – Gloria Chao

Books on my Reading List - American Panda

Mei is a Taiwanese American at University whose parents have planned out the perfect life for her( atleast so they think) – become a medical Doctor, marry a fellow Taiwanese and have a litter of Taiwanese brilliant kids. Little did they know that she has a hate relationship with germs, her dance passion and her crush on a ‘Japanese’ American classmate. After reuniting with her disowned elder brother Mei battles with the consequences of her decisions.

One of the things I picked up from this book is the zeal to pursue your dreams and not let anyone get in the way.

  • Me Before You ( A Trilogy) by Jojo Meyes

Books on my Reading List - Me Before You

A mind blowing read too, turns your mind around and has you wondering about other people’s circumstances before your own. It tells of a young lady, Louisa living an ordinary life, close family and steady boyfriend. After losing her cafe job of many years she lands a caregiver job looking after a wheel chair – bound Will; who has always lived a big life, great travels, amazing deals. The book brings together two people who couldn’t have less in common – a heartbreaking book in many ways than one.

This one I could relate with in many ways because it touched me at personal spot; again I was brought to the realization that some relationships don’t and will not end the way I want but that’s for the greater good . Some relationships end and make you become the best version of yourself. The lessons learnt are what keeps us going and shape us.

  • After You – Jojo Meyes

Books on my Reading List - After You by Jojo Moyes

The second series of the Jojo Meyes trilogy. Lou battles with the aftermath of what happened to the man she loved, putting into practice everything he taught her. Confused on how to go about life, she finds herself in a shitty job, indulges in drinking and gets into a major fall which leaves everyone to believe her suicidal. Events take another turn when the daughter of Will comes into the picture.

I just have to say reading this sequel was a must because I was intrigued by her character. Did she finally figure out what she wanted for herself? Did she seek another love interest and have a happily ever after?

At a point her selflessness got me fascinated and pissed too. It however was a reminder of how selflessness is always for the greater good.

So there you have it guys, my books of the month. I can’t how ever promise I will be able to read as many books this month like I did last. And this is due to exams I have coming up.

Have you read any of these books? What are you currently reading? I’m on the look out for interesting reads so please drop your comments below

Thanks for Reading guys,until next time.


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