DIY Gladiator Sandals From Flip Flops

I love the versatility of having a pair of slides; One minute I’m wearing it like what it actually is and the next I’m rocking it as a cool pair of gladiator sandals.

I’m going to be sharing with you guys how to make gladiator sandals using flip flops. It’s super easy anyone can pull it off.

What you will need

  • A pair of flip flops
  • A long scarf

Making DIY Gladiator Sandals

Oben Nyne wearing DIY gladiator Sandals

*shout out to silhouettes appearing in pictures..smh*

What To Do

First of all you need to make sure your scarf is long enough to go the length of the flip flops and then some to tie it.

  • Divide your scarf into two equal parts for both sides of your flip flops.
  • Fold your scarf so you have a loop on one end and pass it underneath the ropes of your flip flop.

How to make DIY Gladiator Sandals

  • Make a loop and tie it.

How to make DIY gladiator sandals

  • Taking one side of the scarf, pass it underneath one side of the flip flop and wrap through its length. Do same for the other side till you get to the end.

How to make DIY Gladiator Sandals

Making DIY Gladiator Sandals

How To Wear It

  • Wear the flip flops; and using both sides of the scarf, do a cross cross underneath your feet and do another on your heels.

How to wear DIY Gladiator Sandals

How to wear DIY Gladiator Sandals

  • Take it to the front of your leg and do another cross cross, then tie it at the side of your leg.

How to wear DIY Gladiator Sandals How to wear DIY Gladiator Sandals How to wear DIY gladiator sandals


There you have a cool pair of gladiator sandals. This will make for a good wear at the beach with a maxi gown or bum shorts; but can also be incorporated into some other casual outfits which is what I have been doing.

*a not so clear picture of me wearing them*

Oben Nyne wearing a pair of DIY gladiator sandals

What I love the most about this DIY Gladiator Sandals is the fact that I can take a pair of random flip flops and transform into a countless supply of gladiator sandals using other colored scarfs.

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Hope this was super easy to understand.

Is this a DIY you think you can try making sometime? Tag me if you do ☺️

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