Handbag Staples || Whats In My Bag

A woman’s bag is like the earth, filled with deep filled secrets she doesn’t always want to let go of; her hand bag staples so to speak.

I don’t believe there are particular items that should always go into a handbag; it all depends on the individual. So today I will be sharing my handbag staples so get ready to go on a tour with me.

Hand bag staples

My Handbag Staples

Power bank: So I feel like this is a necessity considering the electricity situation going on here. A life saver when you have a flat battery and need to power up to keep going.

Sunglasses. This actually serves two purposes for me. While acting as a sunshade – the only thing that can protect your eyes from this scorching Lagos sun are some big frames. It also functions as a barrier to eye contact. Judge me not, not everyone likes making eye contact 😆

Handbag staples

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Pen: Recently I have found myself needing to write down ideas that come to me on the go in my Cassie Daves blog planner (which I will do a separate post on soon); so this definitely comes in handy.

This doesn’t take away from the fact that I can as well use the ‘Notes’ app in my phone. There is just something about penning stuff down that speaks to me and makes me feel more bonded to them.

Facial wipes. If I was a make up fanatic, I’d probably be tempted to clean my face with this all the time because of the heat.  But I’m not, so it has become a handbag staple for me. When I can’t deal with the heat out there and the settlement of dust particles on my face; Cleaning my face with one of these which always leaves me feeling refreshed, plus they smell sooo good.

Pocket Tissue. With the humidity in Lagos, having something to dab perspiration off of the face or alternatively a hanky is vital.

You remember that time you went out and unintentionally water got spilled on you? Yeah pocket tissues always come in handy. I could go on naming it’s many uses but I think you get the point lol.

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been out and a random person has come up to me and asked if I had tissue wipes.

Hand bag Staples

Charging cord: I mean what’s the point of carrying a power bank without having a cord to charge it with right?! Lol

WiFi Dongle. This should have come up first on my list because it’s actually the first thing I drop in my bag every single day I’m going out.

Hand bag Staples

P.S: I think I should put it out there that Spectranet ( network provider) is killing it with their services. They are really amazing and their customer service is just fantastic!!

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Lip balm. Team moisturized lips anyone?! I can’t  begin to stress on how important it is to have one’s lips moisturized because I think we all know that. It’s a must have for me seeing as my lips always dry out so easily.

Handbag Staples

Oil Perfume. Found a new love in oil perfumes a while back and I can confidently say I’m hooked!

I especially love the fact that I don’t need to put on so much just to smell good. Come to think of it, I actually don’t get to use the little perfume I drop in my bag because whatever I dab before I go out sticks like glue. I just love having it with me.

A Tip|My fave oil perfumes are SWAD and CHANEl CHANCE. Also I love ARMANI SI among others. You should tryout out, you won’t regret trust me.

So guys, there you have it, my staples and let me just say other stuff could go in as the need arises.

I do hope it was a good read for you and you enjoyed going through my bag as I enjoyed sharing. And who knows pick up something you think it’s a necessity and you could make use of.

I’m interested in knowing what goes into your handbag too so please share your little secrets in the comment section below. 

Thanks for reading, until next time



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