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Basic Skincare Routine for Beginners

Hi there loves!

Welcome back to this lil forum of mine;  so I’m the spirit of Christmas I will be sharing my basic skincare routine perfect for beginners. Skincare for me has been a hassle way back from secondary school; I’m not a fanatic but I try to do atleast the minimal to take care of my skin.

So first things first, it’s important to have a clean face to work with: let’s dig in!


This might sound weird and irrelevant but washing our hands before cleansing our face is quite important. I mean isn’t it gross using dirty hands to wash your face ? I’m using  the Clean &Clear facial cleanser and it’s a great cleanser. I mean Clean &Clear doesn’t disappointment with it’s products.

I love especially the fact that the cleanser has a pump so I can easily control the amount I want to use. All I do is pump out a tiny amount and mix with a little bit of water and then massage my face in circular motions concentrating on the oily parts.

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I must confess this wasn’t part of my routine up until last year. Even after I discovered it, I think I was doing it the wrong way (after exfoliating) instead of doing it before.

There are two ways you can steam your face;

•You can get a bowl of hot water, allow it cool for a bit then dip a face cloth in it. Squeeze it and dap your face 3-4 times.

•Alternatively, use a facial steamer or get a bowl of hot water, put a few herbal tea bags in it. Putting your face close to the steam with a towel draped over your head, so that the steam can be trapped to your face. Make sure to come up for air when you need to. This is done for about 10-15 minutes.

What steaming does is open up your pores so that the products you are going to use on your face will penetrate into your skin.

ExfoliateBasic Skincare Routine- Facial Scrub

My favorite step of the entire routine and this is because it entails removing dead cells from the face. After all the unnecessary touching and resting of hands on our faces, it feels good to take it all out. Not to mention the dust particles lurking all around. There was a time I would  scrub so hard and feel this awful burning sensation from overdoing it .

I use the Beauty Formulars Honey and Almond scrub. I’m a huge fan of honey so anything with it in it has my heart. The scrub has these grainy particles so you can actually feel it when scrubbing.

Every basic skincare routine should have exfoliation embedded in it no mater how brief the routine is.


Basic Skincare Routine, Tea tree mask

A second favorite step, which entails drawing out impurities from the skin. Up until a few months ago I used the Beauty formulars Charcoal mask shown in the previous picture but after it got  hijacked by my friend  Jemyma, I decided to try the tea tree mask. Don’t you just hate when your friends become like you and start hijacking your stuff too?. I know I do. Thinking about it, I loved the charcoal mask more. I might just move back to it. I usually let the masks sit on my face for more than the prescribed time which you will know by now if you read my DIY turmeric facial mask

Don’t forget to rinse off the mask with lukewarm water.


Basic Skincare Routine - Toner

After rinsing off the mask, this is an essential basic skincare  step. Toning is great at shrinking the appearance of pores on the face. It’s also perfect at fading post acne scars for clearer and a more even skin tone. 

The Neutrogena Fight and Fade toner has worked magic in my life since I got it a few months ago. For someone like me who has to battle with breakout every now and then, it fights acne in the shortest time possible while fading the scars. I also tried the rosewater x glycerin toner a while back and it was great as well. If you’re like me and love making your stuff, then you should definitely try the DIY apple cider vinegar solution which I talked about here

I especially appreciate the fact that I can use the toner more than once a day so in actuality its magic gets to work faster.

So all you need to do is dab the toner onto a cotton ball and apply to your face. Allow your face to air dry and then move to moisturizing.

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Basic Skincare Routine - Moisturizer

The moisturizer I use is a French product Jemyma introduced me to the last time I travelled home, it’s called Peau de Lune. It’s the brownish bottle in the picture and it’s quite good. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get it in Lagos so I’m still wingling it.

Have been trying to get my hands on green tea serum for the longest time now to no avail so I’m still hoping to stumble on a seemingly effective moisturizer.

So this is basically my routine and although it seems a lot, it’s totally worth it trust me.

Some days I don’t get to do all the steps so don’t feel pressurized to as well. Besides it’s not a daily routine, you can decide to take one or two nights off a week and do it.

Thanks for reading guys, until next time..

Oben 💋 

Do you have a skincare routine? Do you already do some of the steps in this routine or are yours different? I would love to hear from you and learn any new tips so please drop your thoughts in the comment section below.


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