Where Have I Been? The Long Silence

I still can’t find an appropriate way to start this post for the simple reason that I really don’t know where I have been and why I allowed myself to be silent on this forum for so long. The summary lies in the fact that ‘life happened’.

And by this I mean psychologically so please don’t get my wrong when I say this. First of all I wanna apologize for my bad behavior🙈 and thanking you in advance for reading the post till the very end😀

Recap: My Visit Home

So I traveled home for a bit a while back and although it was meant to be a fun trip I must say I came back to Lagos rather stressed. I decided to attend a friend’s wedding which took place out of town.

I don’t lie when I say I was so excited running into friends I hadn’t seen for about 8 years at the wedding, it was a blast really. Fast forward to a couple of hours after the wedding, on our way home and my phone was snatched by thieves.

I literally live on my phone if you know what I mean (22nd century anyone?). Lecture notes, video lectures, other relevant documents, drafted blog posts, blog pictures I hadn’t backed up on iCloud and the list goes on. My laptop was undergoing drama so it couldn’t even be relied upon at the moment.

My problems literally became 99 that day😅. Did I mention my landlord had recently taken advantage ( better still I blame it on my lack of proper education on the state tenancy rules) of my agreement to a one year tenancy agreement and asked me to pack out? Well yeah

Coming Back To Lagos

I get back to Lagos and the search for a new place starts. Amidst putting up with a friend, school wahala, meeting up with my house agent for many weeks and not finding what I want, can you already guess stress is lurking somewhere in the picture?

I think I should put it out there for just incase you dont know so they get a clearer picture of what I am talking about…

In Lagos if you are planning to get a house for the first time, you have to pay an extra N80k (called agents fee and commission) or more depending on the kind of house you get.  In this way, the landlords make more money off of new tenants. So you can imagine for someone who wasn’t planning to move  having to incur those additional expenses😩 and then getting a new decent phone ontop of that.

Are you already figuring out how broke I am at this point? And because I get stressed easily, I fell off the wagon for a bit there and allowed myself slowly get back into the rhythm of life. Regardless of that, it was an experience I learnt from and all I have to say is this

   “Grow Through What You Go Through”

This has been my mantra for a while now and has helped me a lot through situations I would have allowed myself get drained by.

I think this story should also help someone planning who is planning on moving to Lagos or any other place. Please take time and learn the tenancy rules that apply there so you fall into the same mess I did. I don’t wish for it to happen even to my enemy trust me!

For anyone out there going through a stressful situation, I just wanna say don’t be faint in heart and let it weigh down on you. Take it one step at a time, lines will fall in pleasant places in just a little while.

So this is me saying I’m fully settled now and finally got a place and I really want to apologize again for being away for so long. Its gonna be better now and in case you missed it I shared a DIY post a few days ago which you can find here.

If you made it to this point, thanks for reading and please share any advice you think might be helpful to anyone dealing with stress in the comment section below. Would love to hear from you.

Until next time








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