DIY turmeric facial mask
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A User friendly DIY Turmeric Facial Mask

I looked across the room and saw her, stunning without any make up on, just a lip balm. She stared into her pocket mirror and picked at pimples on her face. I smiled and said

”Hi Seyi, do you use anything for your face?”

”No I don’t. I can’t find any chemical induced product I trust and the natural ones I rather prefer I still can’t find them around” she says

“What can’t you find” I ask

”Avocado” she replied.

At the time I found it funny and even laughed a little but looking back to that moment, I realize many people face similar situations; whereby they want to improve on themselves but are clueless on how to go about it /fibdinn local names for those stuff or worse still have no idea other alternatives exist.

While skepticism is allowed, it’s also important to know what works best for your skin type and stick with it.  And  what better way is there to know what works for you than trying different stuff out right?

I have been using this home made facial mask for the longest time now and while I am not one to complain of being acne prone, the mask has definitely gone a long way to improve on my skin( or rather should I say face)

What you will need

-Turmeric powder




DIY turmeric facial mask


Turmeric: It’s known for getting rid of acne scars and generally healing the skin while giving it a glow.

Lemon in its part is a natural lightening agent which a lost functions the same as turmeric in fading spot scars. I think folks with acne prone skin will appreciate this. I am not acne prone but often times I break out as a result of too much sugar intake. This often leaves me with scars which I have been able to combat with these two products.

Honey contains antibacterial properties which helps get rid of blackheads by removing dirt from pores. It also hydrated and tightens skin pores; I mean come on ,who doesn’t want hydrated skin? It gives an additional glow as well.

DIY turmeric facial mask

What to do

• Put 2 table spoons of turmeric in a bowl and add a tablespoon of honey.

• Then squeeze in your lemon and mix everything to form a paste. The consistency shouldn’t be too light

Because turmeric tends to stain stuff easily, I will advice you be careful with the application so as not to get your clothes ruined.

• Then using a brush, apply the paste to your face and let dry for about 20 minutes. I usually go overboard because I am extra some times and leave it on for like 30 or more.

DIY turmeric facial mask


• Wash the paste off with lukewarm water and what I usually do is use a cotton ball dipped in ACV solution (apple cider vinegar) after this to get the excess turmeric off my face and later apply my face serum.

This is actually a bonus step, you know why? Well, because the ACV works two ways here: while cleansing the leftover turmeric, it also works as a toner which is what I use sometimes alongside my usual glycerin x rose water toner (win win right?)

I do this once a week or twice depending on how much treatment I think I face needs that week.

Viola! There you have it, your very own easy DIY facial mask.

I hope this helps someone get her skin to a better place or add a little glow or something.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time


Do you have any easy DIY facials you can swear by? Please share in the comment section and let a girl learn some new tricks.


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