An Awesome Afternoon at Nike Art Gallery

Its a new week guys!
So I  turned a year older a few days ago and I am so grateful and looking forward to what this new year brings. No celebration or anything like that but I did get to go out and on my own too, yeah it was a me day. Its not like I had a choice anyways. None of my friends happened to be around and the only other friend couldn’t make it. Decided to visit Nike Art gallery.

Earlier on in the day I did some baking and then off I went to the gallery to have a visual feast, prior to which I had read so many great reviews of. If someone had asked me a couple of years go about my thoughts on arts, I would have probably made some sort of indifferent facial expression. And that is before giving an ‘I cant be moved by it’ response. Fast forward to now when I can’t seem to get enough of the creativity and richness of culture soaked in them and just how they help clear the mind. Got there and was immediately drawn by the gallery found outside of the main building, which has some gorgeous hand made African inspired purses, tote bags and clutches, necklaces and many other stuff for sale, really amazing stuff I must say.

Nike Art Gallery
Entered the main building was welcomed by a polite lady who asked if it was my first time at the gallery. After my response she informs me I could not take pictures of the art works but I could take random pictures of myself and selfies. I guess they have their reasons for that.

Turn  left and spot Aunty Nike (the owner) talking to a group of visitors. Was literally smiling ear to ear but decided to approach her later when she must have been done with her guests.

Nike Art Gallery

I move ahead with my tour of the amazing three storey gallery, needless to say I was mesmerized by the degree of work embedded in putting together such gorgeous pieces. It’s amazing they actually have over 7000 pieces in it and they just don’t sell art, but textiles as well.
Relented  to taking selfies just to catch a glimpse of what some of the art pieces looked like; Innovation is indeed the mother of creativity lol.
Nike Art Gallery
I come back back downstairs and notice Aunty Nike is alone, approach her and express my love and appreciation of her gallery. She asks if I am from around (implicitly Nigeria), I tell her Cameroon and she lights up. Apparently she had a Cameroonian girl working with her a while back but who had married and moved. We talked for a bit and she is really lovely and warm.
Nike Art Gallery
This was actually my first time visiting a proper art gallery and I realized it just carries you away from the present. And for the most part I think its really a time to be in communion with creativity and I was reminded of being part of something larger than myself. Looking forward to visiting more often.

And guys, these pictures don’t even do enough justice to how amazing the place looks.

Nike Art Gallery

Quite a handful of the paintings reflect Lagos in miniature; from the traffic to owambes (weddings) typically just life in Lagos and generally the  African story to a larger extent.

It was a wonderful experience really and did I mention its totally free to gain entry into the gallery? yeah it is and also quite easy to locate. In case you happen to be in Lagos and will like to pay a visit, it is located at No 2 Elegushi Road, 3rd Roundabout, Epe Expressway, Ikate, Lekki 1.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time

What are your thoughts on galleries? Have you visited any before? What was your experience like?Would love to read your thoughts

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