Beach Day Fun Day// Tarkwa Bay

Beach Day Fun Day

Hi loves,
Sorry for the silence (assuming that someone other than myself is reading this)…..
I finally had my first ever boat ride, yayyy!! Beach Day is always a fun day right?!Been meaning to visit Tarkwa Bay for a while after my not so happy experience at another beach.

Beach Day Fun Day- Tarkwa Bay

Was particularly intrigued by the boat ride and how fun it could be though a tiny part of me was scared.
Ever thought of all the things that could go wrong before going on an adventure? Yeah me too but I wasn’t going to allow myself be swayed from my fun day fantasies so I shoved all that aside.
My friend Gina and I took a boat  alongside some other folks going to the beach and we paid N500 per head, prior to which we had bought a few snacks.
P.S: Gina is my explorer partner  in Lagos, if I want to go anywhere and need company she is my go-to person, plus she’s fun to be with (a bonus right). Everyone needs a ‘Gina’ in their lives, truth or nay? Yeah truth lol.
Break in transmission 
Gina almost changed her mind when she got there and found out it was a boat ride. Apparently I didn’t tell her, I still don’t know how such an important detail could have escaped me. Either way I was able to convince her and she enjoyed the ride even more than myself.
Beach Day Fun Day- Tarkwa Bay

Beach Day Fun Day- Tarkwa Bay

I think we were meant to pay an entrance fee on arrival but we didn’t get to, probably the guys in charge weren’t around. We haggled prices for 2 chairs and a tent to N1000 and although I would have preferred my chair so close to the beach, it was scorching hot so I had to settle for the tent a couple of feets from the shore.

Beach Day Fun Day- Tarkwa Bay

Beach Day Fun Day- Tarkwa Bay

Surprisingly, there were many snack vendors on the beach as opposed to what I had read about them not selling there; there were also folks selling beaded jewelry, straw bags and many others and I have to say I wasn’t expecting the place to exhibit such commercial traits considering it’s on an island, but i loved that plus it’s got great vibes.

Beach Day Fun Day- Tarkwa Bay

Amidst all the swimming, volleyball games and rock climbing that went on, illusions of me in a bikini actually swimming played around in my head but I couldn’t get myself to materialize the thought. So I decided to remain in this cute dress I wore there that my mom got for me a few months ago and explore the beach instead.

Despite living in a sea side city all my life, I still can’t swim. People still get shocked when I tell them this especially those that know the city, maybe I will take more serious swimming lessons in the nearest future.

Beach Day Fun Day- Tarkwa Bay

I got to try the coconut water everyone was hyped over and for some reason I was expecting it to taste different; realised it’s still the same coconut water we all know.

Beach Day Fun day- Tarkwa Bay

Discovered the beach actually has a hotel for those who would prefer to stay there overnight and an eatery as well, but I didn’t get to lodge since I had planned to go back home instead. It is actually a user friendly beach as compared to Elegushi beach and because it was a Sunday it was quite filled up, maybe more than usual I think.

Guilty pleasure
We discovered this Suya guy on the island with the most delicious suya and although we weren’t counting we probably ate suya for almost N3k lol

Beach Day Fun Day- Tarkwa Bay

On exiting the island we didn’t have difficulties getting a boat although it was getting late and the ride back was just as thrilling as the first one. I was certainly charmed by the beauty of the island and going back is not far from my thoughts; maybe then I would have learned how to swim 🙂
Thanks for stopping by, until next time.
Do you love beach days? Been to any recently? How was your experience? Please let me know in the comment section.


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