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    Handbag Staples || Whats In My Bag

    A woman’s bag is like the earth, filled with deep filled secrets she doesn’t always want to let go of; her hand bag staples so to speak. I don’t believe there are particular items that should always go into a handbag; it all depends on the individual. So today I will be sharing my handbag staples so get ready to go on a tour with me. My Handbag Staples Power bank: So I feel like this is a necessity considering the electricity situation going on here. A life saver when you have a flat battery and need to power up to keep going. Sunglasses. This actually serves two purposes for…

  • DIY

    DIY Gladiator Sandals From Flip Flops

    I love the versatility of having a pair of slides; One minute I’m wearing it like what it actually is and the next I’m rocking it as a cool pair of gladiator sandals. I’m going to be sharing with you guys how to make gladiator sandals using flip flops. It’s super easy anyone can pull it off. What you will need A pair of flip flops A long scarf *shout out to silhouettes appearing in pictures..smh* What To Do First of all you need to make sure your scarf is long enough to go the length of the flip flops and then some to tie it. Divide your scarf into…

  • Christmas of sorts

    RECAP|First Festive Celebration In Lagos – One Of Sorts

    Its amazing at how fast paced 2018 was; well atleast I think it was. It was definitely a roller coaster one filled with spiral led emotions. So I decided to spend the festive period in Lagos and life decides to grace me with a surprise. All of a sudden my friends turn family leave town to one place or another. Didn’t see that one coming. “Why are you not coming home madam”, was my mom’s reply when I informed her of my decision. ‘Madam’ is what she calls me every time I make a decision she knows she can’t talk me out of. Life and it’s twisted ends tends to…

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    Basic Skincare Routine for Beginners

    Hi there loves! Welcome back to this lil forum of mine;  so I’m the spirit of Christmas I will be sharing my basic skincare routine perfect for beginners. Skincare for me has been a hassle way back from secondary school; I’m not a fanatic but I try to do atleast the minimal to take care of my skin. So first things first, it’s important to have a clean face to work with: let’s dig in! Cleanse This might sound weird and irrelevant but washing our hands before cleansing our face is quite important. I mean isn’t it gross using dirty hands to wash your face ? I’m using  the Clean…

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    Where Have I Been? The Long Silence

    I still can’t find an appropriate way to start this post for the simple reason that I really don’t know where I have been and why I allowed myself to be silent on this forum for so long. The summary lies in the fact that ‘life happened’. And by this I mean psychologically so please don’t get my wrong when I say this. First of all I wanna apologize for my bad behavior🙈 and thanking you in advance for reading the post till the very end😀 Recap: My Visit Home So I traveled home for a bit a while back and although it was meant to be a fun trip…

  • DIY turmeric facial mask
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    A User friendly DIY Turmeric Facial Mask

    I looked across the room and saw her, stunning without any make up on, just a lip balm. She stared into her pocket mirror and picked at pimples on her face. I smiled and said ”Hi Seyi, do you use anything for your face?” ”No I don’t. I can’t find any chemical induced product I trust and the natural ones I rather prefer I still can’t find them around” she says “What can’t you find” I ask ”Avocado” she replied. At the time I found it funny and even laughed a little but looking back to that moment, I realize many people face similar situations; whereby they want to improve…